Wow. We are already finished week 3 of our 4-week pottery courses. We have had over 26 POT makers in the studio enjoying making amazing pottery. The kiln will be working overtime to fire all the pottery ready for our POT makers to take home.

We have had lots of people drop into the studio, asking about the upcoming classes and how POT works. So I thought I would let you know what to expect and what you will learn in our pottery courses.

We offer THROW – this is a 4-week wheel throwing pottery course. Over four, 2.5 hour sessions you will learn how the potter’s wheel works, what the best clays are to use on the potter’s wheel to get the best results, how to prepare clay for wheel throwing, centring the clay on the wheel head and constructing small vessels on the potter’s wheel.  All clay, glazes, tuition and firing is included in your cost. By the time the 4- weeks are over, you will be confident enough to continue using our beautiful Shimpo potter’s wheels in our MAKE – 3 hour pottery practise sessions.

HAND is our 4-week hand building course which also runs over four, 2.5 hour sessions. In this course we will show you at least 4 different hand building techniques, from coil, slab, slump and forming plates and bowls into gorgeous tableware. You will make many pottery pieces in this class. Some of our POT makers have made, dinner plates, side plates, mugs, vases, pot planters, ceramic jewellery and a wide range of bowls.

All pottery made in the studio is fired twice in our kiln. First the kiln is taken to 800 degrees, the pottery is then cooled down so that our POT makers can glaze their pottery. Once the glaze has dried on our pieces it goes into the kiln for a second time and is fired to a very high temperature. This high firing makes sure all the pottery is oven, dishwasher and day to day living proof. It is hard wearing so your pottery is totally functional.

Once our POT makers have finished a 4-week course they either take another 4-week course or they can book in for our MAKE sessions. POT offers 3-hour pottery practise sessions on Tuesdays (9am – 12pm, 1pm – 4pm and 6pm -9pm) for all to enjoy continuing making and practise their pottery. You get full use of the studios equipment.

On Sundays we have our INSPIRE – pottery workshops. 3-hours of making hand built pottery bowls, pot planters or vases (you choose). POT studios will fire and glaze your pottery for you to pick up after two weeks. INSPIRE runs on three Sundays each month. Check the details on our OFFERINGS page.

At POT, we are so excited about being within the Tugun community. We are loving every minute creating and sharing our passion for pottery. If you see us in the studio drop in and say high or send us an email, we love hearing from you all.

Bookings are open now for our THROW, HAND and INSPIRE, go to our OFFERINGS page to book now.

Muddy hands

Cindy. X

POT studios owner/ teacher