POT for a Purpose

At POT studios we are passionate about giving back. We’ve partnered with the Children Learning Access Program (CLAP) Nepal, who are a small family-based non-profit social organisation that raise money for the simple needs of small remote villages in Nepal. Through their work they build schools, build toilet blocks for children so they can go to the toilet safely while at school, fund scholarships for children in these remote villages to attend high school and pay wages to teachers.

$5 from the cost of each workshop purchased by our POT family goes toward clay, glazing and firing costs for dinner sets that we create and sell with 100% of the proceeds going to CLAP Nepal. On the first Wednesday of every month, POT for a Purpose potters come together to hand build these dinner sets which we sell both in our studio and online.

POT studios and the Pot for a Purpose potters are currently raising funds for a public toilet in the market square of a remote village in Nepal. Our goal is to raise $5000 for this because it will enable women who travel from outlying areas to attend the market three days week to have safe and private access to a toilet.