Join us at Pot studios for our 4 week Intro to wheel course, where you will learn the fundamentals of wheel throwing pottery. 

This workshop is designed for beginners or potters wanting to improve their throwing skills.

As part of the course you will learn

  • Clay preparation
  • Centering 
  • Throwing cylinders
  • How to make mugs, jugs, plates from cylinders
  • Turning and trimming

Our course runs weekly on Thursday evenings from 6.30pm - 8.30pm over 4 weeks at a cost of $560. You will explore all aspects of wheel throwing.

After the workshop your pottery will need to dry out before the first firing, this usually takes 2 weeks.You are invited back on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings to glaze your pieces. We will then Glaze fire your pottery ready for you to collect. Glazing and firing are included in your workshop

Intermediate and advanced classes coming soon.


EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST by sending us a message.

We we add you to our 'Intro to Wheel Waiting List', and get you booked in as soon as we can.