Intro to Pottery over 4 weeks
Intro to Pottery over 4 weeks
Intro to Pottery over 4 weeks

Intro to Pottery over 4 weeks

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Join us at POT studios, you will learn the fundamentals of  pottery. This workshop is designed for beginners. 

Our Intro to Pottery workshop runs weekly on Thursday evenings from 7:00pm - 9pm over 4 weeks. Each week you'll learn a different pottery technique and make a beautiful pottery piece that you can keep forever. The skills you learn in this workshop will enable you to create any hand built pottery project. 

WEEK 1:  you will explore the basics of handbuliding with the coiling. Making your choice of a salad bowl or vase.

WEEK 2:  you will explore the basics of "throwing" on the potter's wheel.

WEEK 3:  you will handbuild a mug, small plate and bowl.

WEEK 4:  you will create a large platter and pouring jug.

During this workshop if there is something special you have always wanted to make out of pottery your teacher can guide and help you to create your dream piece.


After the workshop your pottery will need to dry out, this usually takes two weeks. We will then fire your pottery pieces and if you choose, you can come back to the studio to glaze your pottery.

If you don't return to pick up your pottery within 4 weeks of the pick up date, we'll donate it to those in need in our community.


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